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Action Pistol

 If you are interested in practicing drawing from the holster, shooting on the move, rapid target transitions, shooting moving targets and other

action pistol skills, please join us. This is an intermediate level program that is designed to introduce and practice skills used in IDPA, USPSA

and the Steel Challenge.  

During each session, some fundamental timed skills of action pistol shooting will be introduced.  The program will then focus on applying the

skills through competitive stages/course of fire. We will be using IDPA and USPSA style targets. Steel targets will also be integrated.  This is

NOT a sanctioned match, but will be times and scored. 


The program times may vary, but we usually meet at the 100 yard range at 8:45 on the 1st Sunday of every month, unless otherwise announced.

Check the Calendar for updates.


We can accommodate 15 attendees, on a first-come basis. If you would like to attend, please contact the match director at the below link.


  • Centerfire pistol 
  • Quality belt mounted holster that is suitable for rapid draw and has retention that tolerates running (Shoulder holster rigs will not be allowed)
  • belt mounted magazine carrier
  • at least three magazines
  • at least 150 rounds of ammunition
  • hydration
  • Feel free to bring a chair and/or an EZ-Up

If you have any equipment related questions, please feel free to email me, Action Pistol Chairperson. 


$10.00 Club donation.  

If attendees do not have the above equipment, don’t worry, we will accommodate. Don’t buy any equipment before the program as we will discuss

equipment needs for action shooting.


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